March 3rd 2021!

If you didn't know already, Hawktimus Prime has been in the process of applying, finalizing, and looking into the logistics of the Adopt A Highway Program. We are proud to share that the team successfully completed this process and the representation of our team sign is now in place over at Old Honeycutt Road, Fuquay-Varina! We'll be sharing more information regarding team involvements and cleanups.

To the 2020 Hawktimus Prime Seniors,

I do not know if I can add anything that hasn't already been said. This was an unusual year, but we handle unusual situations on the team all the time. As our recently graduated seniors you know this more than most. The rules of "the game" change, we adapt. Remember you are never alone out there. Find your team wherever you are and take care of one another.

-- Mr. Snead, Lead Supervisor

From the rest of Hawktimus Prime, we would like to thank all of you for your knowledge, professionalism, and guidance of the team. All of you have brought a unique skill set that has created a innovative and collaborative environment in this past season. We know this year did not go as planned, but your impact is something that will carry on in future years. We have learned so much from every one of you, and we cannot wait to see what you accomplish.

2019-2020 Hawktimus Prime Seniors:

Jeremy Abel

Chris Bogardus

Sean Butts

Austin Caldwell

Anicka Cajigal

Alayna Clark

Alexander Clark

Connor Davis

Logan Davison

Connor Delaney

Cody Dorton

Hope Dutcher

Nebiyu Esayas

Riley Gower

Max Hauser

Jessica Holihan

Josh Knechtel

Xingjian Li

Rodrigo Martinez

Ashley Mullen

Stephanie Pound

Luke Simone

January 30th, 2020

This week, members of Hawktimus Prime went to Holly Ridge Elementary School’s Science Fair! They were accompanied by our 2019 robot Benji, giving elementary students the chance to experience and interact with our robot. While they were interacting with the robot, we talked with the students about Benji’s functions, mechanisms, and programming! While we were there, we were also able to promote the FIRST values and talk about the different levels of robotics that FIRST offers. Also, our team was able to entertain the students by giving out some of our team’s merchandise and buy sharing stories of what competitions are like!

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January 25th, 2020

The Chassis Sub-Team has fully completed building the west coast chassis! This week they completed constructing and mounting the west coast gear boxes onto the versa. Recently they also cut the chains for the gear boxes and attached them onto the west coast drive. Currently the Chassis Sub-Team is testing the west coast drive and are working closely with the Programming Sub-Team on planning out the actions that the robot will complete during the autonomous period at competitions.

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12/01-12/20 2019

The Engineering Team has been working vigorously to finish preparing for Build Season. All of the Engineering Sub-teams have been working together to build a mock robot to test out new build methods and drive types for this years competition. The Manipulation Sub-team is designing and building the intake, while the Chassis Sub-team is currently working on developing a west coast drive. Programming is working on limelight and autonomous code, and Electrical Sub-team is building a new electrical board.

The Business Team continues to reach out to Sponsors and we are very thankful for their assistance in advancing the team! Merchandise has continued to work closely with Dynagraphics and has put in our order for our personalized hoodies. Team members are thankful to our Mentors and SAS for helping put together a viewing session for the kickoff on December 4th.

We participated in the Happy Holly Days Parade in our town! We joined in with teams, businesses and nonprofit organizations to celebrate the season and have some fun with the community!

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11/10-11/17 2019

The team had a great week working through many preseason projects. The Electrical Sub-team worked on constructing and learning how to build an Eboard. This has been an exciting project for Electrical as it is excellent preparation for Build Season. The Manipulation Sub-team started researching and ordering parts for the mini robot they are building. Programming is working hard to get swerve code ready for the next upcoming season who knows we might be able to “spin” off to a great season

We’re getting ready for the town parade! The Chassis Sub-team worked with several additional team members to construct bumpers to get Benji, our robot, ready for the Holly Days Parade, coming up soon on December 14th. Benji is getting a holiday makeover for the parade! Business is getting everyone signed up and making sure we have lots of candy to hand out! We hope to see you at the parade!

The Business Team is continuing to work through their preseason projects. Sponsorship began an email campaign to reach out to our Corporate Sponsors and Team Families. Our Hoodies are almost ready to be ordered! The team also is planning projects to help keep our town environment in pristine condition! FLL has officially started and several team members are enjoying spending time mentoring younger students.

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11/3 -11/9 2019

Hawktimus Prime was happy to welcome Aaron Levitt, Assistant Director of Engineering for the Town of Holly Springs, to one of our meetings this past week! Mr. Levitt is leading the partnership between Holly Springs and the drone delivery company Flytrex! Mr. Levitt visited with Hawktimus and spoke about the exciting program coming to our town and the many agencies involved in the process. The team is looking forward to learning more about the first drone delivery event.

The Business Team is currently working on creating our new line of merchandise for this year. Winners of the t-shirt design competition were announced and the artwork is fantastic! Orders for team hoodies are now being taken with the option of personalizing your hoodie. Personalized hoodies are very popular with team members so don’t miss out on your chance to order one! Business is also working on creating closer connections with sponsors and are currently adopting a highway! Our team is excited to be focusing on environmental issues with some of our outreach programs. Lastly, FLL had started up again and our team continues to mentor FLL teams in the area.

The Engineering Team worked on a number of different things this week. Our Safety Captain began certifications of power tools for our new members. Safety is the build room is top priority! The returning members on the Chassis and Electrical Sub-Teams continued to work on the new west coast drive train for the new robot. The two Manipulation Sub-Teams came together to continue planning the new lift system for the 2020 robot. Finally, the Integration Captain’s Sub-Team continued work on the new drive-station for use at competitions.

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10/27-11/02 2019

Firefighter Joe Harasti and his dog Cinder visited Hawktimus Prime this week and gave us a presentation on the importance of safety and fire prevention when in robotics. This presentation included ways to prevent fires, what to do in the case of a fire, and basic safety procedures to follow when any type of emergency appears. Mr. Harasti’s presentation ended with a short act by Cinder, showing a few safety techniques. We’re deeply thankful to Holly Springs Fire Department, Joe Harasti, and Cinder for taking the time to educate our team about safety and fire prevention.

Other exciting preseason projects are also taking place! This week our Engineering Team began work on a new driver station. The driver station is something we use during competitions to hold and transport our programming laptop and controls for the robot. Our integration captain CADed out a design and put together a small team to build the new station. The Manipulation and Chassis Sub-Teams came together and began work on a new West Coast Drive to test to see if it will be used on our new robot. Along with that, our Manipulation Sub-Teams begin to plan out a new intake system.

Not only was Engineering very busy this week, but so was our Business Team! We completed our budget and are focusing on our Sponsorship campaign for the fall. We are halfway through filming our safety and instructional videos for the website and future team members. Business is also moving forward with outreach projects, awards and town functions.


Hawktimus Prime participated in HollyFest over the weekend! The town of Holly Springs has an exciting family-friendly event every year at the end of October. Hawktimus was part of the non-profit section filled with fun and innovative groups within our town. We brought our robot, Benji, and lots of energetic team members!

Thousands of people came out to HollyFest during such a perfect fall day with sunny skies and warm temperatures. Our booth was busy from open to close! We were able to share our robot and explain the value of Hawktimus Prime and FIRST Robotics to families and businesses throughout the day.

Team members demonstrated some of Benji’s more fun capabilities, like playing catch with some brave young visitors – wearing safety glasses, of course! We also explained the engineering and business skills our team members learn that are applicable to real talents that universities and employees seek. Additionally, we networked with other local non-profits, town agencies and business members in our community.

Check out our team Twitter and Instagram for more fun pictures and videos!

Twitter: @3229Hawktimus

Instagram: hawktimus_prime

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Doyenne Inspiration 10/21 2019

The Doyenne Inspiration event lived up to its name! What an experience for young women potentially pursuing careers in STEM! For many of us on teams, this was the first time we learned to repair a robot for Pit Crew or operate a robot for Drive Team.

Doyenne Inspiration is designed to empower young women through FIRST Robotics to become our future STEM leaders. It’s a hands-on, female focused event for women to support each other in a male dominated field. Fellow FRC teams Green Hope and Pitt Pirates worked together with FIRST to put on an exceptional weekend of professional workshops and a competition filled with gracious professionalism!

One of the ongoing goals of Hawktimus Prime is to increase the number of female student team members. We currently have two female presidents, numerous female captains and 20 female members on the team.

To prepare for Doyenne, our Manipulation Captain Michael A. provided a training session on all of the components of our robot and how to do some basic repairs. Though we had a few female students from Pit Crew last year as participants, this was incredibly valuable to our new members and returning members who were not familiar with all of the components on our 2019 robot. After the hands-on training, we had all of the female members on the team gather to drive out different Drive Team positions and get a feel as to what it is like to operate a competitive FRC robot. With this helpful preparation, we were even more excited to head into the Doyenne weekend!

On Friday evening, Green Hope and Pitt Pirates partnered with MetLife to put together fantastic professional development workshops for young women interested in STEM careers. We went to the MetLife campus and were able to learn from inspiring speakers and influential women who currently work in the STEM field. It was great to see so many female STEM leaders in one place!

Saturday was the Doyenne FRC Competition and it was so much fun! There were fifteen all-female teams from ones who have been around for years to a brand-new team with three members! What an empowering day to see so many female students excited about elements of STEM! Dr. Mary Hemphill, Director of Computer Science & Technology Education at NC DPI, started the day with her speech about women in the STEM field and computer science in public education. The Gracious Professionalism, “cooperation” and support for each other throughout the entire day was truly amazing! Everyone was so kind and helpful to each other, sharing ideas and empowering each other to reach their personal best and excel in FRC.

Hawktimus Prime had so much fun competing and had a very successful competition! We are proud to have been the Captain of the Winning Alliance and we were given the Gracious Professionalism award! Thank you to our Alliance team members, TerrorBytes and RotoRaptors for being wonderful partners! We really feel that the Gracious Professionalism Award is shared with all the teams participating! Every FRC team member was supportive and helpful throughout the entire day! Our team members, coaches, families and friends in the stands were amazingly supportive and we also share this award with all of them!

Hawktimus Prime was honored to have participated with such amazing young women in STEM and be a part of the first all-female FRC event in North Carolina!

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9/30-10/7 2019

Welcome to our new team blog! We will be updating this several times a month, so stay tuned!

This week Hawktimus Prime kicked off its t-shirt competition! Anyone on the team can submit a design that could be used for are 2019/2020 t-shirts. After the competition ends the team will vote on their favorite design, the first place winner will go on the shirt and the second place will be put on are jackets.

The engineering side of the team has continued to work on there pre-season projects. Electrical and chassis are working together on a new west coast drive and an Eboard that is compatible with any bot. On manipulation members are learning how to use new tools, there places in the storage room and beginning work in CAD. programming is finishing the work on are new and improved website witch will go live soon.

On the business side of the team, sponsorship has continued to find new potential sponsors and meet with companies. Our awards captains begin the process for nominating one of are mentors for the Woodie Flowers award. The Woodie Flowers Award celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design. Our marketing teams continued to work on promoting are team on social media and at the many competitions we will be attending this season.

That's all for this week at Hawktimus Prime stay tuned for the next thrilling week!

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