Key Events

9/14/2019 - THOR East

Topsail High School

245 N St. Johns Church Road

Hampstead, NC 28443

10/19 Doyenne Inspiration

Green Hope High School

2500 Carpenter Upchurch Road

Cary, NC 27519



Welcome to our new team blog! We will be updating this several times a month, so stay tuned!

This week Hawktimus Prime kicked off its t-shirt competition! Anyone on the team can submit a design that could be used for are 2019/2020 t-shirts. After the competition ends the team will vote on their favorite design, the first place winner will go on the shirt and the second place will be put on are jackets.

The engineering side of the team has continued to work on there pre-season projects. Electrical and chassis are working together on a new west coast drive and an Eboard that is compatible with any bot. On manipulation members are learning how to use new tools, there places in the storage room and beginning work in CAD. programming is finishing the work on are new and improved website witch will go live soon.

On the business side of the team, sponsorship has continued to find new potential sponsors and meet with companies. Our awards captains begin the process for nominating one of are mentors for the Woodie Flowers award. The Woodie Flowers Award celebrates effective communication in the art and science of engineering and design. Our marketing teams continued to work on promoting are team on social media and at the many competitions we will be attending this season.

That's all for this week at Hawktimus Prime stay tuned for the next thrilling week!

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