Blog Update 03.16.23: Prepping for UNCP

Hey Hawktimus Supporters!

To keep you all updated on team affairs, challenges, and victories at Hawktimus Prime, we have decided to bring back the tradition of creating short reports of our progress! Last weekend, we competed in the FIRST district competition at Rolesville High School, and since then, we’ve been hard at work for the district competition at UNC Pembroke. 


How Did We Do? 

Hawktimus Prime made it to third round of playoffs and ranked 12th during qualifying matches. This allowed us to be captains of our own alliance and gave us the opportunity to work with HOTBOTS and RotoRaptors, two other teams from the competition that performed wonderfully. Towards the end, we also won the Gracious Professionalism award, much to the team’s joy. We are proud of our team for our enthusiasm, community support, and overall adherence to the values of FIRST. 

What We’re Working On

Since the competition last weekend, our team has been polishing the finer ends of the glowing diamond we hope to become. There are a lot of things we need to work on, including ensuring optimal accuracy with Sparky, our robot, and raising money for various requirements on our team. 

The business sector is beginning to prepare for next year as well, planning out responsibilities and deciding what we want to do next season. It’s safe to say that we are stretching our ambitions to the horizon, as we are hopeful for what comes next. We are also planning to begin a Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser after competition season ends, so do stay on the lookout for the opportunity to support us through some delicious glazed goodness! 

As for the build sector, we are hard at work implementing any lessons we learned during competition and increasing the quality of our robot. Sparky is about to shine at UNCP!

Next Competition

Our next district competition is at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke on Saturday, March 25 and Sunday, March 26. We hope that it goes well, and are confident in Sparky and the team. We hope to see you there!