Team Coaches

Mr. Snead - CTE Teacher/Robotics Coach

What do you enjoy about being a Mentor?

"Seeing the kids learn skills that will enrich their lives, watching as passions are stoked, seeing dreams made into realities. But what really drives me is the heart and soul of this team. Our compassion, empathy, and initiative. I see kids that really care about what is going on around them and are actively working to make their world a better place to live in. Whether that's our environmental initiatives or steps to care for the mental health along with the physical health of the team."

Mr. Anderson - FIRST® Advisor /Robotics Coach

What do you enjoy about being a Mentor?

"Watching new members start out not knowing what a Phillips screwdriver is and by the end of the season, they are handling repairs in the pits all on their own. It’s motivating to watch the team develop and accomplish their goals while learning great life skills."