Engineering Leaders

Build President- Michael Atwood

"Hi, I'm Michael Atwood and I'm really excited to be the Build President this year! Outside of robotics, I enjoy swimming, sailing, video games, and playing with my cat, Oreo. As Build President, it's my job to oversee all of the Build subteams (software, CAD, mechanical and electrical) and make sure that the Build process goes as smooth as possible through planning and organization. My goal this year is to make sure that everybody on the team learns something new and has a great time."

Software Captain- Sebastian Roman

"Hey! I'm Sebastian Roman and I'm really excited to be working with all of you this season. " I'm always around to help, so if you do have any questions about anything feel free to ask!. My role as the Software Captain this year is to manage and oversee everything that goes along with the robots code to be able to function, all of the vision systems within our robot whether that be custom vision systems to perform a specific functions, oversee the game strategy for the team, and work with all things Drive team and competition performance. My goal this year is to be able to teach all of these different systems on the robot and how to work with them to have them function effectively and be ready to go to competitions. I'll be also making sure everyone understands everything ad doing tasks properly while also having fun doing them!"

Electrical Captain - Seth Knouse

"My name is Seth Knouse and I will be your Electrical Captain for this year. I'm a junior and this is my third year on the team. The Electrical subteam is in charge of all the wiring on the robot and making any repairs necessary to keep the robot functional electrically. I want to make sure that every member on the Electrical team is well aware of what they are doing on the robot electrically through my teachings. I want to make sure everyone on the Electrical subteam has a great year no matter what."

Mechanical Captain - Jackson Williams

"My name is Jackson Williams and I am the Mechanical Captain. I am a senior, and have been on the team for four years, three of which I have been in a mechanical lead position. On my team we combine the properties of STEM with our knowledge of mechanical engineering to build all the metal and moving components of the robot. We brainstorm the needs of the robot and discus ideas for our design. By helping the CAD team create a virtual model, we gain the ability to efficiently build the year's robot. Each year we create a new bot from scratch to successfully complete that year's designated competition objectives. On the mechanical team we will be in charge of designing and building the chassis, and all manipulation systems. We frequently face difficult challenges, and need to be innovative with our solutions. We think on our feet and overcome obstacle after obstacle to build the best robot we can. If this sounds like it's got your name all over it, consider joining my team and help us engineer this year's competition winner! "

Design Captain - Porter Murphy

"Hi! I am Porter Murphy, captain of the CAD and design team. I am a senior and this is my third year on the team. On my subteam, you will assist in the design process of the robot and the transfer of ideas from physical form (pen and paper drawings) to digital form. I look forward to working with all of you!"