Business President- Stephanie

"The team has given me real world experience that can help me in the future as well as the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and pursue leadership roles. I really appreciate all of the past and present members of the team. They are not only enthusiastic about STEM, but make the team a community."

Sponsorship Captain- Anicka

"Being a part of the team has allowed me to become more confident with public speaking and learning to conduct myself in a professional environment. I always love the competitions, especially when our team is cheering on the rookies!"

Digital Marketing & Media Captain- Sarah

"When working on a project, collaboration is critical. Before joining the team I had minimal skill in collaboration as I had always prefered working alone. Joining the team has taught me how to work well as a unified front, instead of as an individual and how to be confident when speaking in public."

Traditional Marketing Captain- Abby

"It’s the first time that I’ve really felt like I was on a team. I can be a part of a group of friends the I can call family. I’m learning how to kickstart a business and how to keep people entertained."

Treasury Captain- Sean

"Being part of the team will help me in the future to work together with others. This team requires heavy communication on all parts. I get to see a successful team working together to do their best in competition season."

Business Awards Captain - Ashley

"Being in a robotics business team has taught me how to help run a non-profit business as well as utilize marketing and sponsorship opportunities for more involvement and outreach within the community."

Engineering Awards Captain- Elizabeth

"I’ve learned a lot about friendship and teamwork. My favorite memory is cheering for the rookie teams. It took a lot of courage for us to cheer for the rookie teams, especially against our own team, and it was super fun to support the new kids on the block."

Outreach (FLL) - Alayna

"It helps me develop essential social skills that I will need to succeed not only in a job, but in life in general. My favorite memory is seeing the FLL kids lighting up with excitement and curiosity when they were learning how to program their LEGO robots."

Food and Travel - Xander

"Robotics has given me many business-related skills such as how to plan ahead and arrange events for a large group of people. This team is a really fun environment, my favorite memory is when we ordered an overwhelming supply of practice balls."