Cross Teams

Game Scouting - Ally

"I love how closely knitted the team is and the positive energy that surrounds it. It has helped me become a more open person on and off the team, something that can definitely help me in my future workplace."

Reverse Scouting - Dylan

"My favorite part of Hawktimus Prime is the other members of the team. I think that the communication skills and teamwork skills I have gained will help me in the future. A favorite memory of being a part of the team was the Asheville alliance selection hype during the 2019 competition."

Game Strategy - Mason

"I love getting to bond with people of similar interests. Being in robotics has helped me with public speaking, furthered my leadership skills, and taught me how to deal with stressful situations. Robotics also taught me how to be professional by allowing me to present and pitch in front of companies and talk with corporate sponsors."

Storage- Chris

"This team changed my life; freshman year, I didn't have many friends or a purpose, robotics helped fulfill both. I come everyday happy to be with my team, I should say, my friends."

Historian- Alex

"I enjoy being a part of the team and learning to build a robot. One of my favorite memories was building the bumpers for the 2019 robot. "