Build President- Riley

"Competitions are definitely some of my favorite memories. From being in the stands to sweating in the pits, competitions are just the heart of robotics to me and I love seeing the team really get together to support not only our team, but others. I think the best competition memory I have is the first time we supported Sequence. That’s definitely something I won’t ever forget. "

Programming Captain- Sebastian

"Collaboration and communication is very critical when it comes to any project. Collaborating with other members is also a very essential way of making sure you are good to go on any projects you might be working on. It's not about technical skills, it's more than that. In the team we get to know new people and getting to work with different people and collaborating with others in projects makes the team much more effective when we are talking about the teams way of doing projects."

Safety Captain- Sydney

"As a part of Hawktimus Prime, I enjoy the diverse group of people, learning new skills every day and practicing the skills during competition. The team is providing more information for me to explore the possibility of engineering if I choose it for my future."

Manipulation 1 Captain- Ella

"Being part of this team helps me develop skills to build and design a robot that will be helpful in Engineering as a career. I’m learning leadership techniques that are essential to my future."

Manipulation 2 Captain- Jackson

"The team gives me valuable experience for engineering, a field I am interested in for the future. Freshman year, I learned a lot about tools and how to use them, but most of all I have many new friends, experiences, leadership practice and pride that this is my team."

Mechanical Integration Captain- Michael

"I enjoy the teaching aspect of the team and how we work with new members. It’s cool how someone can join the team with no experience and come out of it being able to build a robot. Being a part of HP has helped me develop my leadership and teamwork skills which will help me in the future."

Electrical Captain- Shrey

"The best part about being in robotics is the competitions where everyone is ready to have fun. I’ve always enjoyed working with electronics and being on the team as the electrical captain lets me practice and get real-world experience. My favorite memory of the team was going to Asheville and being on Pit Crew."

Chassis Captain- Rod

"Being a part of the team has allowed me to get to know new members, team leadership, mentors and coaches. It has improved my teaching skills and we’ve learned how to work well with each other."