The Goal of Business:

As a Business team, we work behind the scenes to help fund the team and get the Hawktimus Prime name out there. We encourage for students to become more familiar in the Business setting from helping out in Sponsorship to Marketing.


The Sponsorship sub-team's main goal is to build relationships with businesses and organizations within our community to help advance our team and to create opportunities for students in STEM. We also provide students the opportunity to work on and refine their public speaking skills through presenting to companies. Additionally, students learn business skills by working on grants.


Marketing has two main sections within the Business Team. Our Traditional Marketing sector creates visibility and interaction within the community through events. The Digital Marketing and Media sector maintains and enhances our online presence through social media platforms, attending events, creating videos, updating our team blog and photos. Both Marketing sections work in tandem to establish connections to our sponsors, community and other teams.


The Awards sub-team is about showcasing our teams strengths to the FIRST NC community. We have two sectors of this team that focus on the engineering and business awards. Engineering Awards focuses on promoting creativity